September 1, 2020

How to Handle Back to School Physicals During COVID-19


Although it may feel like summer break only recently started, now is the time to start scheduling back to school and sports physicals. Like always, it’s best to schedule physicals in-person, which is why Orchid Health has done everything possible to ensure our spaces are safe for your family during COVID-19.

Why Back to School Physicals are Important

When we meet with your child in-person we are able to identify any and all problems early on. With our children and adolescents population, we are able to focus on growth, development, and well-being. Meeting with a medical professional during COVID-19 can be beneficial as we’re able to do a basic check-in to your child’s mental health during a physical. 

How We’re Offering Safe Care and a Clean Space

We have been closely following Gov. Brown’s guidance and spent a lot of time working on the safety and cleanliness of our clinics, especially when it comes to cleaning procedures. We ensure to use the top equipment to take care of this virus. 

Our team members are also wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks. That way when we are in direct contact with your children we are able to keep them safe. 

What You Need to Know Before the Doctor’s Appointment

We are presently asking any patient above the age of five to wear a cloth mask or face covering when coming into our health care spaces. The face mask will help prevent the accidental spread of the coronavirus. If you need help making a mask, we created a family fun video on Making a No-Sew Face Mask!

Besides wearing a mask, here’s what else you should know before a school physical appointment:

  • If you’re new to the clinic, please call ahead to be provided information on your enrollment.
  • Call your local Orchid Health Clinic to schedule your appointment.
  • Bring any forms needed for specific sports or camps.
  • Check your Orchid Health Patient Portal for forms that can be filled out ahead of time.
  • Encourage your child to think about any health-related questions to ask their care team.

What About COVID-19 Testing During Back to School Physicals?

We are currently offering COVID-19 testing to patients who are symptomatic. If your child has COVID-19 related symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, or fever), please call our office first. That will allow us to provide information for the visit. 

Make a Doctor’s Appointment, Today

Visit our website and call your local clinic to learn more about how you can schedule your child’s back to school or sport physical visit. If you have any questions please call our clinic and talk with your child’s care team. Your safety and health are our top priority and we look forward to helping serve your family during this time.

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