January 10, 2023

Connecting with care: Inspired by the African Violet Queen story.

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Connecting with Care: Fostering Community Wellness through Shared Passions

Inspired by the African Violet Queen Story
By Megan Diebel, Community Health Worker
Orchid Health Wade Creek Clinic

At Orchid Health's Wade Creek Clinic, we are dedicated to enriching the lives of our patients through a comprehensive approach to exceptional local care. 

Our community health workers understand that knowing our patients on a personal level can lead to powerful connections and a deeper understanding of their needs.

Megan Diebel, Community Health Worker

Within the heart of our patient-focused approach lies a heartwarming tale that beautifully illustrates the power of connecting with care - Community Health Worker Megan’s African Violet story.  

As a dedicated community health worker, Megan had the pleasure of building a supportive relationship her patient, ensuring her well-being and providing companionship during her interim period of care.

Megan’s African Violet Story

The baking journey begins

I have a patient who is currently on our waitlist for Behavioral Health services, I have been meeting with her regularly and providing social support in the interim. 

One day I suggested, since she loves to bake, that she should bake for members of her church. I stated that if there is a celebration, birthday, loss of a member; that she should bake something for them.

Making Connections Through Our Gifts

She loved this idea and has been baking for church gatherings since. She has now started connecting with church friends outside of the church setting and is really enjoying building new friendships. 

She loves to invite people to her home for coffee and a treat. I still meet with her about twice a month and every time she mentions what she baked and brings her Orchid care team treats.

Nurturing Health Beyond Healthcare

Megan’s story resonates with our commitment to knowing our patients beyond their medical needs, embracing their passions, and facilitating connections that enhance their overall well-being.

Orchid Health's Wade Creek Clinic is proud to offer a range of services that extend beyond medical care, thanks to our dedicated community health worker program. Whether it's discovering your own passions or connecting with others who share similar interests, Wade Creek Clinic is here to support and guide you.

To learn more about our community health worker program and the comprehensive approach we offer at Wade Creek Clinic, please visit us or give us a call at (503) 630-8550. Together, we can nurture community well-being through meaningful connections and shared passions.

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