December 22, 2023

Hi, I'm Nurse Kathy, McKenzie River's RN

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We're excited to shed light on one of our invaluable team members, Kathy Severin, the dedicated Registered Nurse (RN) at our McKenzie River clinic. Kathy isn't just a healthcare professional; she's a compassionate advocate for your well-being, stationed right here in the heart of McKenzie River. In this spotlight, get to know Kathy on a personal level as she shares her journey, experiences, and the profound impact she's had on the lives of families in our community.

1. What inspired you to become a nurse?

Nurse Kathy

I was inspired to become a nurse when sitting in Biology 1A my first year of college. I had intended to be a dental hygienist, but when we got to studying the biology of reproduction, I wanted to witness that miracle every day. That's when I decided to be an OB nurse.

2. How did you find your way to Orchid Health in McKenzie River?

I did not find Orchid Health. Orchid Health found me!

3. Can you share a memorable experience or success story from your time working with families in McKenzie River?

Kathy and Community Health Worker Daisy distributing air filters.

There are so many! I particularly like the stories of patients who have special needs like transportation issues, or the elderly and can't make the trip to town to pick up their prescriptions so we make arrangements for them, or drop paperwork off to a patient who can't make the trip to the clinic... you get the idea. Also, really enjoy watching a patient's blood pressure come down to normal limits after weeks of having them come in to clinic every 2 weeks for an RN HTN visit. Super cool!

4. In your role, you engage with various aspects of patient care, from Annual Wellness Visits to Chronic Care Management. How do you approach building relationships with patients in a small-town setting like McKenzie River?

Nurse Kathy hosting "Coffee with a Nurse"

I encourage the patient to talk about themselves over and above whatever reason they have come to the clinic for that day. I try to show an interest in those areas of their lives too. Human to human.

5. What do you find most rewarding about being a Small Town Registered Nurse in McKenzie River?

Nurse Kathy at her desk.

Feeling the trust that a patient has in me when we talk about their health care, having patients stop me to chat (about non-medical things) when we see each other outside the clinic, teaching patients about their blood pressure, cholesterol, etc., and watching the "light come on" when they "get it." Love the verbal and written thank-yous.

6. How do you collaborate with the Orchid Health team and other local resources to provide comprehensive care for families in McKenzie River?

Nurse Kathy distributing air filters during a smoky season

Lizzy and Daisy are fantastic team members with an open-door policy to coordinate patient care. Also, letting patients know about the local food bank and MRC's Produce Plus program helps patients with food insecurities. Missy provides funds for patient blood pressure cuffs and glucometers for patients who need to monitor at home but might not have resources to buy for themselves. I have heard over and over again how grateful people are.

7. For patients considering an Annual Wellness Visit or other services, what would you like them to know about the care they can expect from you and the Orchid Health team?

I would like them to know that a simple Annual Wellness Visit can inform patients of available screenings that they might not know about but can be lifesaving and totally covered by Medicare.

To schedule an appointment with Nurse Kathy, call the McKenzie River Clinic at (541) 822-3341

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