August 17, 2020

Orchid Health's Oakridge Clinic New Extended Dental Practice

Orchid Health

About Our New Practice

Orchid Health's new Dental Office sits adjacent to the Orchid Health Oakridge Clinic and will opened on our sixth anniversary in Oakridge.

The new office will deliver the ultimate dental hygienist experience for adults and pediatric patients by offering the latest technologies to help patients receive the oral care they need to achieve a healthy smile. 

Orchid Health’s Oral Care offers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry procedures - including:

  • Adult & Children Teeth Cleaning
  • X-Rays
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Dental Health Education
  • Referrals
  • Tobacco Counseling
  • Chronic Disease Treatment
  • Protectant Sealants

The new clinic looks to be “a bridge across the gap to the lack of dental care Oakridge residents have experienced,” says Orchid Health’s Expanded Practice Dental Hygienist Jodi Budd.

“We heard from patients with significant fears of dental treatment say that they were pleasantly surprised by how comfortable we made it and how we helped alleviate their worry.”

Jodi and her team look to help patients understand how “other health issues can be affected by neglected oral disease and that improving overall health can lead to a better quality of life.” 

Our dental services are open to all Orchid Health patients and if you are not a patient, becoming one is easy. Call (541) 782-8304 to learn more.

Grand Opening

Orchid Health's Grand Opening Celebration

The grand opening will held on August 11th. Our live Q&A was streamed on Facebook live and was watched by nearly 1,000 people. Watch our livestream below to learn more!

About Our Oral Care Team

Jodi Budd on right and assistant Kiera Killingbeck on left

Our Oral Care Practice is led by Expanded Dental Hygienist Jodi Budd and her assistant, Kiera Killingbeck.

Jodi obtained her Expanded Practice Permit in 2008, which allows a dental hygienist to provide dental hygiene care to patients without the supervision of a dentist. She has 29 years of clinical experience in general practice and 18 years of clinical experience in pediatric specialty practice. 

Kiera grew up in Oakridge and knows and loves her home city. The two look forward to working with the residents of Oakridge and sharing their knowledge of oral care. 

COVID-19 Precautions

The new office will support patient safety during times of COVID-19 as it comes equipped with enough space to practice social distancing with visits spaced out for enough time for cleaning.

Call (541) 782-8304 to schedule your appointment!

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