April 25, 2024

Orchid Health and Casey Eye Institute Bring Vision and Hope to Rural Oregon

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Orchid Health and Casey Eye Institute Bring Vision and Hope to Rural Oregon

Casey Eye Team Under a Rainbow at the Fern Ridge Clinic

[Lane County, Oregon] – "My vision has deteriorated so quickly, and without insurance coverage for vision care, I felt lost and worried about my future," shared Jane Doe, a resident of McKenzie River. Her relief was palpable after receiving essential vision care at a mobile clinic hosted by Casey Eye Institute and Orchid Health. "I can't express how grateful I am. This service was exactly what I needed."

Eye Exam at McKenzie River

This Spring Break, Jane was among 106 individuals who benefited from the mobile vision clinics in McKenzie River, Oakridge, and Elmira. The clinics, a partnership between Casey Eye Institute and Orchid Health, are a lifeline for communities where healthcare services are often out of reach. During the event, 81% of participants received prescriptions for eyewear, dramatically improving their daily lives.

Unwinding after helping serve rural populations

Volunteers, including 3 physicians and 17 non-physicians, dedicated a total of 137 hours, valued at $29,453.40, to provide high-quality, compassionate care. "These clinics are about more than just eye health; they're about restoring independence and confidence to people who've been struggling in silence," noted a volunteer doctor.

Eye Exam

"The Casey Community Outreach Program goes beyond healthcare; it's about touching lives with the gift of sight," remarked a spokesperson from Casey Eye Institute. "Our partnership with Orchid Health allows us to extend OHSU's exemplary standards of care directly to those who need it most."

Casey Eye outside of the Oakridge Clinic

Orchid Health, known for its commitment to exceptional local healthcare, particularly in rural areas, cherishes this collaboration. "Access to specialist services like these can be life-changing for our patients," said a representative from Orchid Health. "We're deeply grateful to the Casey Eye Institute and all the volunteers who share our commitment to community health."

Eye Exams at McKenzie River

The initiative is part of a broader effort to address preventable blindness and improve quality of life through enhanced vision care, marking a significant investment back into the community.

About Casey Eye Institute
The Casey Eye Institute at OHSU is renowned for its cutting-edge research, comprehensive patient care, and pioneering vision screening and treatment methods across Oregon.

About Orchid Health
Orchid Health operates with the core belief that rural communities deserve exceptional healthcare. Through its clinics, Orchid Health provides accessible, quality medical services ensuring the well-being of the communities it serves.

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