March 19, 2021

Orchid Health Named One of The 2021 Best 100 Companies to Work For in Oregon

Orchid Health

For the first time ever, Orchid Health has been named one of the 100 Best Companies to Work for by Oregon Business Magazine. Companies make the list based on the scores from confidential surveys completed by employees which report on aspects of their organization from corporate culture, to leadership, benefits, and more. Orchid Health ranked 29th overall for mid-sized companies. 

“Our organization’s wide-spread recognition is a testament to our first company pillar: Employee Happiness,” said Executive Director and Co-Founder Orion Falvey. “We understand that burnout is prevalent in our industry and we’ve been looking at ways to prevent it.” 

During the pandemic, Orchid Health retained all employees and raised their company’s minimum wage. They offered COVID paid time off (PTO) and mental health days to support employees and compassion fatigue without using their accrued vacation PTO. 

When the Oregon wildfires impacted employee’s homes and destroyed the Orchid Health McKenzie River Clinic, Orchid provided full paychecks and covered any needed PTO for all team members impacted by the fires for 5 months. 

“These employers are evidence that there are businesses that care about keeping their workforces happy whatever the circumstances,” writes Oregon Business Magazine, “and that despite one of the biggest changes to workplace norms ever experienced in a generation  [ due to the COVID-19 Pandemic], companies can make it work and even come out better from the experience.”

Orchid Health’s astonishing culture fosters an environment of innovation and autonomy. They put employee happiness first to help empower them to do their best work in the communities they serve.

Orchid Health's Wade Creek Team in late 2019

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