September 14, 2020

Oregon’s First-Ever Certified Rural Health Clinic Continues Services in Wake of Holiday Farm Fire

Orchid Health

Amongst the losses in the Holiday Farm Fire is the long-standing McKenzie River Health Clinic. The McKenzie River Health Clinic, operated by Orchid Health since late 2019, was the second-ever Certified Rural Healthcare Clinic in the U.S. and Oregon’s first. 

Since the 1970s, the McKenzie River Health Clinic provided comprehensive care to the entire valley. Pre-COVID, it was home to lavish community events, monthly art shows, and wine tasting, making it a staple in the community. Now that the health clinic has been destroyed, Orchid Health aims to continue to provide innovative care to the entire valley.

Inside the Rustic Quilt Shop sits Dr. Joseph Volpi, the Medical Director of Orchid Health. Dr. Volpi and his team have been commuting to Blue River from other Oregon locations to help provide support to the local staff. 

“It’s been crucial to continue to offer health services to the entire valley.” Dr. Volpi said. “We’ve set up a remote operation on the west side and we work out of this shop on the east side. We’ve even done a couple of home visits.” 

With the loss of so much, troublesome air quality, and the pandemic, Orchid Health has been offering emotional and mental support, whole-person care, prescription refills, triage health services, and more.   

“We will be nailing down a permanent home in the valley to help during the winter,” said Orchid Health’s Co-Founder/Director Orion Falvey. “At this time, we will have a mobile clinic operating in the coming weeks to offer onsite services.” 

Orchid Health has also had its staff on-site at the USA Basketball Academy and resource tents around the valley. “The range of people’s resources vary so much right now, it’s been important to have our team in places they can help,” Falvey said. 

The legacy of the McKenzie River Valley has begun its next iteration with the same goal in mind, serving and connecting with the community in the Valley.  

Orchid Health services remain open. Please call (541) 822-3341 to support your medical needs.

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