May 13, 2020

Pediatric Visits at Fern Ridge Clinic


Well-child visits are a time when parents can check up on their child’s health and make sure they’re growing and developing normally. Well-child visits usually start a few days after children are born and continue until they turn 18.

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Typical Things Checked at a Well Child Visit

The list varies per appointment, but here are some things that will be checked

Well-child visits are recommended every 12 months. At a well-child visit, your child’s overall health is looked at. By examining their weight, height, and performing a full physical, pediatricians are able to track development and provide a roadmap to ensure longevity in your child’s health.

When to Set up an Appointment

Check with your pediatrician for regular schedule

Regular checkups keep track of your child’s physical, emotional, and social development. They help assess your child’s growth, sleeping patterns, oral health, nutritional status and to catch up on immunizations.

During the first three years of life, your child grows rapidly and acquire a whole lot of new skills. The frequency of the visit helps ensure your child is growing and developing properly. 

At well-child visits, parents have a chance to ask questions and raise concerns. You know your child better than anyone else, if you think there is something wrong with your child’s growth or development, voice your opinion. You are your child’s advocate. 

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Well Child Visits During COVID

Keeping your child up to date with their well-visits during COVID-19 is important to their overall health, especially during the first 24 months of age. We help support your child’s health by with their routine well-child and vaccine visits. Although there is not yet a vaccine for COVID-19, there are safe and protective vaccines for flu, measles, whooping cough, and other harmful diseases.

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Immunization Schedule

Consult with your provider on up-to-date immunization schedule and information.

At Orchid Health, we help with your child’s health. One of the ways we do this is by providing the proper pediatric immunizations. Immunization has led to major improvements in child health in a short time. During its 50 year history, vaccines have prevented polio, measles, mumps, and many more diseases.

This is why vaccines are continually recommended to support your child’s health over their lifetime.

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School Based Health Clinic

Complimentary to students enrolled in the Fern Ridge School District

Our partnership with the Fern Ridge School District provides free healthcare to student children and adolescents in the district. These include students in Elmira, Veneta, Walton, and Noti.

Even if your family has insurance, our services can waive your co-pay and visits can be kept local.

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Telehealth Visits

Quality health care from the comfort of your own home. Orchid Health offers Telehealth visits to all ages.

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