March 21, 2022

Wade Creek Clinic Give COVID Supplies Away


Wade Creek Clinic Give COVID Supplies Away

Cars rolled through Orchid Health’s Wade Creek Clinic this past Thursday afternoon to pick up free COVID-19 supplies.

“My husband and I had COVID a couple of weeks ago, so extra tests around the house are actually really helpful,” said one patient picking up supplies. 

Orchid Health Employees Providing Free COVID Test During Drive-Thru Event

Orchid Health team members were handing out kits that contain things like home test kits and  K-N95 masks.

“It’s a chance for people to stock up,” says Orchid Health’s Community Health Worker Megan Diebel, “our hope is that we can get more tests out in the community because we have more access to testing than before.” 

The recent influx of supplies from the state and federal government allows Orchid Health to organize this event, one of its goals being to hand out as many COVID home tests as possible.

“During our first event, we handed out over 600 tests to our community,” Diebel says. 

Orchid Health employees have been handing out tests and they say it’s times like these when they are most grateful to help their community. 

“We want our community to know that we have their back and are here to support them through the remainder of the pandemic,” said Clinic Manager Missy Albrich.
Community Health Worker Megan Diebel Drive-Thru Table Set-Up

Orchid Health will continue to provide tests to any member of its community. “Anyone is welcome to stop by our clinic during our regular business hours to pick up a home test kit,” Diebel says.

Orchid Health plans to continue its home test kit program until they are out of supplies.

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