September 8, 2020

Estacada's Wade Creek Clinic Supports Community Health During Wildfires

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Orchid Health remains open to provide health services to rural communities while wildfires impact Oregon. Two of their three clinics sit in evacuation zones. With patients displaced in Estacada and Blue River and confirmation of their Blue River Clinic burning down. 

Nearly 80% of Orchid Health’s staff has been evacuated from their homes, yet their organization of 39 strong have come together to support over 4,000 patients across three impacted communities. Despite these transitions, their team wants to help, which is why they’ve kept their telephone lines open and patient outreach ongoing. 

“Our deepest sympathy is with our staff, families, and community members who have been affected by the wildfires,” says Executive Director and Co-Founder Orion Falvey, “we hope by proactively reaching out to patients, we can help prevent any long-term effects someone may have from not having access to their regular care.” 

Remote residents can access their local clinic for whole-person care, mental health support, prescription refill, and more by calling the clinic. Orchid Health’s patient outreach is helping identify high-risk patients who may need additional services such as insulin refill, respiratory support, and mental or emotional support. 

“We know that there are a lot of people who feel uncertain right now,” says Behavioral Health Specialist Jennifer Checkis, “it’s been important for us to reach out to certain patient populations to offer the correct services. This can be from group mental health counseling to a mobile visit for an immunization.” 

Orchid Health’s outreach support has helped rectify worries from patients about not having the health support they need during this time. New services, such as group counseling, aim to connect community members with a support system. “We see a much easier transition after a crisis when members have a community,” says Checkis. 

Orchid Health health feels well equipped to help support their community in Estacada. “This is a community that has joined together to help find ways to support each other,” Falvey says, “we’re grateful to be part of the recovery process.” They aim to have their clinic reopen to in-person services as conditions allow. 

Orchid Health services remain open to all patients. Patients can call (503) 630-8550 to receive support for their healthcare needs.

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